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5 Steps to Effective Water Damage Restoration on Your Residential Property

3/15/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage restoration. Water restoration equipment in action.

Water damage can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Whether it's a burst pipe, a leaky roof, or a natural disaster, water can cause significant damage to your residential property and belongings. In addition, water damage can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can pose health risks to you and your family. To minimize the damage and restore your home back to its pre-damaged condition, it's essential to follow these five steps to effective water damage restoration on your residential property.

Step 1: Assess the Damage

The first step in any water damage restoration process is to assess the extent of the damage. This includes determining the source of the water, the affected areas, and the extent of the damage. A professional restoration company can help you identify the scope of the damage and create a plan for restoration.

Step 2: Remove Water

The next step is to remove any standing water from the affected areas. This can be done using a wet vacuum, pump, or dehumidifier. Removing the water as soon as possible can prevent further damage and minimize the risk of mold growth.

Step 3: Dry the Affected Areas

Once the water has been removed, it's essential to dry the affected areas thoroughly. This can be done using air movers and dehumidifiers to increase airflow and reduce humidity levels. Proper drying can prevent mold growth and structural damage to your property.

Step 4: Clean and Disinfect

After the affected areas have been dried, it's crucial to clean and disinfect the area to remove any bacteria or other contaminants that may have been present in the water. A professional restoration company can use specialized equipment and cleaning agents to ensure a thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Step 5: Restore the Property

The final step in the water damage restoration process is to restore your property back to its pre-damaged condition. This may involve replacing damaged drywall, flooring, or other materials. A professional restoration company can work with you to determine the best approach to restore your property and belongings.


Water damage can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for homeowners. However, by following these five steps and taking preventative measures, you can minimize the damage and restore your property back to its pre-damaged condition. It's important to work with a professional restoration company to ensure that the job is done correctly and to prevent further damage.

Water is a Powerful Force

12/6/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage Restoration

A home and/or business owner can run into a lot of challenges when it comes to maintaining a property. Buildings are always under attack from the elements, they are designed to take a beating, but sometimes things begin to break down over time if left unmaintained. There are so many potential scenarios that can cause damage to your home. Water losses can be quite common in most types of structures, there can be plenty of different ways this can happen. Frozen pipes, pipe leaks, ground water seepage, roof leaks, broken toilet supply lines, sewage backups, and this is just to name a few examples of issues that can lead to a pretty large water damage situation. Dealing with water damage issues can be overwhelming and may require professionals like SERVPRO of Paramus.


SERVPRO is a leader within the property restoration industry and will tackle any restoration job no matter how challenging it may be. Our team at SERVPRO of Paramus has built of plenty of experience of over the years and are constantly looking to improve our services. Once you have informed our staff about your water damage situation, a technician will be dispatched quickly. The technician will then preform a walk through in order to determine the best course of action to solve your water damage problem. We use the top of the line restoration equipment improving our turnaround time for each job. Air movers are an integral part of the process along with dehumidifiers which give us the upper hand when drying out effected areas. Our team will make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction and it will be “like it never even happened.”

Part of the Community

The Paramus branch is locally owned and operated. This helps build strong and long lasting relationships with each customer. Our goal is to help put your home or business back on track after being affected by water damage. We want to make sure that each customer is happy with the services provided to them by our amazing hardworking team.

The Beauty and Ugliness of Winter Weather

11/28/2022 (Permalink)

Winter Wonderland

For those that are longtime residents of the northern New Jersey area, we are all use to the cold and snowy winter season. Sometimes we do get hit by a sizable storms that can have a negative impact on our day to day lives. Even though snow on occasions can be a beautiful site to see it can still cause potential issues that affect your property directly. The cold temperatures can also negatively affect a person’s home or business. Most of the issues that are brought on by this seasonal weather can be avoided in most cases just by simply preforming standard maintenance.

As an example, a large amount of snow can fall during one storm or over a period of time. If the snow is left alone, it can pile up and the weight will increase, so if this is on a roof of a structure it can have potential to cause warping of the structure allowing water to pass through when the snow pack begins to melt. Another scenario is when the gutters are either frozen/blocked, this can stop water from melting snow to drain away from the structure properly. This causes ice damming, which leads to water damage to the structure.

Damages to property can simply occur due to the extreme cold. Pipes can freeze causing it to burst causing tons of water damage to your property. There are a few things that can be done to potentially stop situations such as that, such as installing insulation on pipes that aren’t in heated areas of the building. Another way that freezing pipes can be prevented is by allowing a faucet to drip allowing water to constantly flow, which help prevent it from freezing.

What if your House is Damaged by a Winter Storm or Water?

Well you came to the right place, SERVPRO of Paramus is a leader in the field of storm damage cleanup and property restoration. Our team has years of experience and has access to top of the line tools, which helps get jobs done completed quickly to your satisfaction. We offer 24/7 emergency service for situations that need immediate attention. SERVPRO of Paramus is locally owned and operated giving us the ability to arrive at your effected property in a short amount of time. This allows us to begin remedying the situation in a short amount of time in order to prevent any further potential damage.

Has Your Paramus Home Been Effected by Fire Damage?

11/7/2022 (Permalink)

Kitchen Fire Fire damage can be stressful but SERVPRO of Paramus has your back.

We understand how stressful dealing with fire damage can be, even small fires can cause soot and smoke damage to other parts of the house. The team at SERVPRO of Paramus is certified and trained. We will get your home cleaned up and restored to your satisfaction quickly. This are a few tips that can help while you wait for technicians to arrive.

What can be done after a Fire?

  • Limit movement in the home. Just by doing this one thing it can help prevent soot particles from being embedded into carpets and upholstery.
  • It’s also helpful to keep your hands clean by not touching any of the effected surfaces, so the soot doesn’t soil any unaffected upholstery, walls, and woodwork
  • If you do need to move around the affected area you can place towels or some type of covering over the rugs, carpets, and upholstery in order to prevent transferring soot to unaffected parts of the home.
  • If the electricity went off and has been off for some time, you should empty any food that can spoil from the freezer and refrigerator. After it has been cleaned out find something to prop the doors open.
  • If you have an HVAC system the filter would most likely need to be changed before it’s turned back on.

Things That Shouldn’t be done after a Fire

  • You shouldn’t attempt to clean/wash any of the walls or painted surfaces, also do not attempt to use chemicals/soaps to wash any carpeting and/or upholstery without contacting/notifying us.
  • Do not attempt to clean electrical appliances that may have been effected by the fire, heat, or water without consulting an authorized repair service.
  • Don’t use any canned/packaged food or drinks that were stored near the fire and effected areas.
  • Don’t attempt to turn on ceiling fixtures if the area is wet or severely damaged, since the wiring may be effected.
  • Don’t send any garments to an ordinary dry cleaner, since standard cleaning techniques may set smoke odor.

Give us a Call Today

If your Paramus home or business has experienced a fire damage event, SERVPRO of Paramus is here to help. We have the equipment along with the experienced personnel to get the job done quickly and correctly. When we are all finished restoring your home or business it will be “like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO a Trusted Leader in Water Restoration

11/1/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage Emergencies

In Paramus, Westwood, Montvale, and the surrounding area, SERVPRO of Paramus provides 24/7 emergency services for any water damage emergency. When water damage occurs the clock start ticking and action should be taken quickly. You can count on our highly trained crews and the specialized equipment they use to restore your property to preloss conditions.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

Most cleaning and restoration situations require immediate attention. A fast response can help minimize the amount of damage, therefore reducing the cost of the restoration work. Water is an invasive element, since it can spread through your property quickly and be absorbed into floors, walls, furniture, etc. Once a SERVPRO professional arrives the water restoration process can begin.

Locally Owned and Operated

Here at SERVPRO of Paramus all of our employees live and work in the community. Being locally owned and operated means we are close by and are ready to respond to your water damage emergency. We are also happy to take part in community activities such as national night outs and other events that are hosted by towns within our territories. We are a proud to be an active member of the Paramus and surroundings community in order to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

The Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

9/19/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage with soot covering the bathroom The struggle of fire damage.

Has your Paramus Property been affected by Fire Damage?

After the fire has been extinguished in your property, people usually want to get the ball rolling and begin the restoration process quickly. When rushing to get the process started mistakes can be made, a property owner can risk their own health and safety when the issue is addressed without plan. Without full working knowledge of what to keep an eye out for and how to properly mitigate issues as they get discovered. These risks should not be taken and a restoration specialist should be called it this situation.

Fire Damage Assessment

A professional fire damage assessment of the damage can save time and money in most cases instead of attempting to do it yourself. An experienced and certified SERVPRO team of specialists will effectively evaluate the damage quickly in order to determine the proper restoration solution. There can be many lingering issues/consequences that can’t be found on the surfaces. A specialist will know what to look for and how to find any of the hidden problems because of the experience and training they have received over the years. Our workers have been accredited by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in fire restoration and odor control.

Another benefit that comes with choosing SERVPRO of Paramus to assess your fire loss is that it can prove to be cost-effective, since our organization has strong relationships with local as well as large insurance agencies. We know what they need when it comes to evidence and the documentation needed for filing a damage claim. When you choose us to handle your fire loss we will get the job done to your satisfaction.

Give us a call at (201) 445-5588

How can Water Damage Affect your Home or Business

9/6/2022 (Permalink)

Water loss in a basement. The effects of water damage

Water is a powerful force and at times even our buildings impacted by its strength. There are ways that a property owner can improve/prevent the chances of their home or business affected by the elements. A few common causes of water damage include:

Severe Weather

Bad weather may not happen every day but when a severe downpour, hurricane, or thunderstorm rolls in, there will always be increased risks. Heavy downpour and winds can damage your roof and depending on the location of your house or business the soil can become over saturated, which can lead to ground water seeping into the structure. Flooding is one of the more severe scenarios that your structure can face during a rain storm and a flash flood event can happen at any moment catching you off guard.


A drain systems can be a useful tool against water damage, but drains can be clog if left unmaintained. Your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub/shower drain, and French-drains can clog up for a number of reasons. Grease build up, dirt, hair, and foreign objects could obstruct the pipe preventing water to drain through properly. If the issue isn’t noticed and dealt if, it can lead to clogged drains and create a backup causing water to flow upwards back into your home leading to water damage.


Pipe leaks can be caused by simple things such as a loose-fitting. It can be difficult to figure out if you have a pipe leak until the damage has been done, since a lot of pipes are hidden behind the walls, under floors, and beneath the foundation. Water damage brought on by a pipe leak can be very costly, since it can go unnoticed.

If the water has been unmitigated for some time it can make an already bad situation worse, since the high moisture levels allow mold spores to form and spread. When this happens the job isn’t only mitigating water damage, but also dealing with mold cleanup.

Supply Lines

Many homes have washers, dish washers, and fridges with water supply lines running into those appliances. Problems tend to happen more frequently if the supply line is rubber or PVC. Those materials can wear out and rupture more frequently when compared to a line using braided stainless steel. If the supply line fails it can flood the area quickly if the water source isn’t shut off as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Condensation

Condensation is a normal part of an A/C’s operation. When there is an issue the condensation drain line can get clogged with debris or the drain pain can be damaged. This prevents the water to flow out of the unit causing water to drip into your home or business. If the issue is noticed quickly and the unit is turned off you should be fine and might just have to do a little bit of a cleanup, but when no one is around the water can do a lot of potential damage to your floors and walls.

Water Heater

Water Heaters have provided homes and businesses with hot water for more than a century. They became more commonly used in the 1940’s. There are new high end water heater systems that don’t require a water tank, but the most common are water heaters that have a water tank. If a water heater with a tank isn’t replaced over a long period of time, the chances of a water leak increase. It can also happen if the water heater isn’t maintained or installed properly. Whenever there is a leak you can expect the entire area around the water heater to be affected by water damage.

How can SERVPRO of Paramus Help?

We specialize in water mitigation and restoration for homes and businesses in the Bergen County area. Our team consists of highly trained professionals with years of experience in water recovery situations and accreditations through the Institute of Inspection, cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). With the knowledge and experience that our team has allows us to quickly address the threats to a property amid a water loss incident using effective mitigation strategies and top of the line equipment.

Our team operates 24/7 emergency services to those experiencing a severe situation. As a locally owned and operated business we have an understanding when it comes to the most common causes of water damage in the surrounding area, since we are close by it also ensures fast response times in most cases. The only time where our response times may be affected would be during severe weather events that affect a large amount of properties within the region.

Why SERVPRO® is a Leader in Fire & Water Cleanup and Restoration

8/24/2022 (Permalink)

servpro vehicle on-site during sunny day Ready to Respond at Anytime

SERVPRO of Paramus, Assisting property Owners in need of Restoration Services

Water and fire one of the most common ways a business or home can be damaged. Whenever a property owner runs into a situation where their structure has been affected by those elements, SERVPRO of Paramus is “Here to Help“. Our company specializes in water & fire restoration cleanup, we take pride in the services we provide to residents in the Garden State. We have an amazing team of professionals that have the training and expertise to provide high quality solutions to address your restoration needs.

Water Restoration Process

Each situation is unique and in most cases requires professionals to get the job done. An efficient and reliable process is used to address water damage no matter what type of structure is affected. This section will briefly go over the steps that are taken to mitigate your issue and provide information, so you can understand why certain things may need to be done during mitigation. Our company has developed a general six step water damage restoration process.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment

Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction

Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

Step 5: Cleaning and Repair

Step 6: Restoration

Fire Restoration Process

Dealing with fire damage can be challenging even for a qualified professional to overcome. There are so many variables that make each job unlike any another, it is important to quickly set up appointments for damage assessment and an inspection. We have experienced employees that can handle the full range of effects can come about after a fire emergency, our technicians have (IICRC) certifications in fire & smoke restoration and odor control. That knowledge can go a long way when it comes to getting your property restored properly.

The work done on commercial and residential fire restoration jobs in the Paramus area wouldn’t be possible without our growing inventory of recovery and mitigation equipment. Situations where soot and odor are a primary concern, containment strategies are vital. Hydroxyl and ozone machines are used to filter out particulates/contaminants while addressing odors. Chemical sponges are used on areas that have built up smoke/soot residues. SERVPRO has also developed a fire damage restoration process made up of multiple steps.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Step 3: Immediate Board-Up and Roof Tarp Service (if required)

Step 4: Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)

Step 5: Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

Step 6: Cleaning and Repair

Step 7: Restoration

Faster to any size disaster™

With more than 1,900 franchises across the United States, allows our experienced employees to respond quickly to any size disaster. Professionals are available 24/7 and are ready to restore and clean your property. SERVPRO of Paramus is locally owned and operated along with our other locations, which means each team has an understanding on what areas are affected more frequently and will be able to provide an effective solution based off of environmental factors.

If your property has been affected by fire and/or water damage give us a call today at (201) 445-5588.

Storms & Property Damage

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

Lighting striking during a storm. Whenever a storm devastates a property, SERVPRO is Here to Help.

Sometimes you just can’t win Against Nature

Even in todays’ modern age storms can still cause a lot of damage, no matter what we do to prepare for them. Our government from the federal to the local level, along with private and public organization monitor our weather 24/7 with some of the most advanced equipment at their disposal and still can get inaccurate predictions. Due to the changing environment around us weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable and more extreme. If this is becoming the new normal, it can be difficult to take preemptive measures and sometimes the only option is to mitigate the damages after the storm has passed. These extreme weather events, which are increasing in frequency are damaging more homes and businesses each year.

Flood and Storm Damage Recovery

It is a stressful situation if your home or business has been affected by storm damage and restoring/recovering from these circumstances requires experienced professionals like the team at SERVPRO of Paramus. Our technicians use proven scientific techniques involving psychrometrics giving them the ability to understand the behavior of water in order to mitigate the damage effectively. This provides us data on how to properly dry the structure and manage humidity levels. Here at SERVPRO we understand how traumatic and overwhelming it can be when your property is damaged. Once our team is on-site they immediately begin assessing the damage to determine what steps need to be carried out, such as determining if demolition is needed to move the restoration process forward. When the non-salvageable material is removed, whether it be part of the structure or contents, drying equipment can be set up and left on site for a few days. During the drying process an employee will stop by and take readings of the affected area until moisture reaches acceptable levels. Once the area has been dried the equipment can be removed and job can be marked as competed as long as you are satisfied with the work. Then you can begin planning your next move.

Why Choose SERVPRO of Paramus

We are the leaders in the restoration industry. Certified technicians will walk you through the entire process until the job is completed to your satisfaction. A benefit of being a locally owned and operated business gives us the ability to respond to property damage emergencies quickly at any time, since we provide 24/7 emergency service. SERVPRO of Paramus will do whatever it takes to make it “Like it never even happened”.

Deodorizing a Property after a Fire

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage - Cleanup Soot being cleaned off a wall in a Paramus home after a fire in the kitchen.

Here at SERVPRO of Paramus we are experts when it comes to restoring properties after they have experienced fire damage. Whether it be your business or a home we will get the job done to your satisfaction. The first thing people think of after experiencing a fire is cleaning the debris, soot, and char damage, but that’s not the only thing to focus on. The longest affect a fire can have on your property is the smell, which is a big part the restoration process that requires our deodorization equipment.

We have specialized Ozone generators that can be set up on site and left for a few days in an effort to eliminate any smells that have been brought on by the fire. Our team will also collect and box up salvageable contents so they can be thoroughly cleaned and stored until the restoration process is completed.  Ozone has the ability to destroy odor particles in materials through a process that is called oxidation. This process works on all kinds of odors ranging from organic to any odor that has been brought on by fire damage. This process can take some time, but in most cases gets the job done.

SERVPRO of Paramus can handle all your restoration needs. We don’t just focus on fire restoration alone, our other services include water and mold damage restoration. If you have experienced water, fire, and/or mold damage don’t hesitate to give us a call at (201) 445-5588.